Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Mitch McConnell called it an insurrection, saying Trump was responsible and should be held accountable. Kevin McCarthy begged for help to save his and other congressional lives, then admonished Trump for inciting the riot. Many GOP House members frantically blocked the door into the chamber in fear for being overrun by a mob out for blood.

Of course, in the weeks following the Jan. 6 coup, cowardly and dishonest Republicans have become disgusting accomplices of their authoritarian “Dear Leader.” The GOP wants to check ballots for bamboo fibers but not who was involved in the attack that threatened to lynch the vice president. The GOP wants to give the wealthiest among us another undeserved and unearned tax cut but won’t spend a cent to bolster the Capitol Police Force that fought to save their lives. The GOP calls the traitors who attempted to violently overthrow an American election “peaceful tourists” while characterizing legislators working to improve the lives of American families as “socialists." Fittingly, the GOP banner is now proudly carried by the bigot Marjorie Taylor Greene and the immoral Matt Gaetz.

I believe the GOP is hell bent to protect the likes of Trump, Gosar, Biggs and Finchem. They don’t want us to know who and how Jan. 6 came about. They’re afraid of the truth because they’re guilty.

The Republican Party is an American disgrace. The party that once claimed to stand for family values, patriotism, law and order now stands for voter suppression, insurrection and the end of American democracy. They support no policy beyond unequivocal allegiance to Trump — they allow no disloyalty whatsoever. Former RNC Chair Michael Steele correctly warns that today's GOP will destroy our Republic.

I’m not ready to give up the fight to save American values and democracy. I’m a veteran, a voter and a proud Democrat!

Ralph Atchue