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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I’ve a theory regarding Trump: The easiest way to digest this bloviating Baby Huey of a prevaricator is by suspending disbelief the way most folks do when they watch professional wrestling or go to the movies.

Suspending disbelief lends credibility to an otherwise incredible narrative. Pick a movie genre. Horror, for example. Americans have long since suspended their disbelief in the horror genre called Trump. The next time you hear Trump lie, think horror movie — a really bad horror movie — and our president-for-now begins to strain collective incredulity just a little less.

Now, do this little magic trick 12,000 times. One expects one’s credibility to suffer after getting caught on mic with 12,000 lies. Unless of course — suspension of disbelief — you are that Energizer Bunny of Mendacity called Donald Trump.

Trump quibbled away his credibility in a galaxy long ago and far, far away. And it’s not as if the rest of us, including most Republicans, ever believed in his habitual deceits to begin with. But we’ve suspended our disbelief in this horror genre far too long. We’ve grown inured to the corrosive cynicism and corruption of these times.

Or maybe, from Watergate to Contra-gate to the floodgates of Trump’s outrageous crimes and misdemeanors, we didn’t just suspend our disbelief. We completely abandoned that disbelief at the expense of our own collective integrity.

And now, in the name of this struggling democracy, it’s time we bring our disbelief back.

Bill Alewyn