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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The president directly refusing aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating Hunter Biden has not been established. I've watched the impeachment hearings on TV and can see through all the continual baseless arguments for impeachment. Everything reported is based mainly on hearsay and personal feelings. The subjective information is not based upon proven facts. Everything regarding the impeachment inquiries is totally tarnished by the desire to impeach the president even before he took office. This proves total bias exists in any decision regarding any impeachment, especially after the failed false Russian collusion probe, unless total factual evidence proves otherwise. I am totally dismayed with the Democratic Party I once was proud to belong to many years ago and which I will never belong to again due to my conservative principles that the Democratic Party no longer stands for. I even voted for Tom O'Halleran in the last election, but I am beginning to heavily regret that decision now.

I beseech Tom O'Halleran and any other congressman not to vote for impeachment of the president of the United States. Doing so will further tear this nation apart and the Democratic Party will be forever changed for the worse and forever tarnished. Tom O'Halleran will forever lose what little support I previously had and I will never vote for him or support him in the future if he becomes a part of this madness. We need the country's interests of passing legislation to create jobs, build up our infrastructure and keep this nation safe rather than this foolish impeachment action taking valuable time away from what our country desperately needs. I don't totally agree with some of the actions of President Trump, but he is our President and at least deserves our support for what he is doing and has done for our nation. 

Philip Menne

Casa Grande