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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I wonder if Mr. Menne was channeling his inner Paul Gosar in Thursday’s letter. Based on equivalent rants, he nailed it!

Seems as though he’d rather see “Infrastructure Week” photo ops than actual infrastructure projects being implemented. He believes vaccine and mask mandates, along with investments in new technologies and medical care innovations are some kind of plot against freedom. Climate change and by extension any scientific advancement, he says, is solely the province of Almighty God. Following his logic, we should all stop taking meds, turn off all those respirators and pacemakers and burn coal in our homes and pray for divine intervention. How many lives would have been lost to polio, smallpox, rubella, etc. had America followed this thinking?

Unfortunately, too many fully believe Menne, Gosar, Trump and the GOP cult as they go full bore to discredit facts, science, education and election integrity. The warning signs are blaring on many fronts.

Our highway and power grid systems did not appear miraculously. Medical advancement is not the product of thoughts and prayers. God is not pumping increasing amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and won’t cleanse it. Satan is not mass-producing vaccines and masks and COVID will not just disappear.

America’s problems need real solutions, not mythology and name calling. If you believe in divine inspiration, you’ll find it in the work of Democrats as they do all they can to build back a better America. Our nation needs more pragmatic problem solvers like Tom O’Halleran and fewer dangerous extremists like Paul Gosar and his wannabes.

Want to solve problems? Pray and vote for Democrats up and down every ballot!

Ralph Atchue



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