Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

To all those disenfranchised trumplings/domestic terrorists — some dressed as runners-up in what looked to me like a Village People masquerade contest — who attached their Confederate flags and odious 2020 Trump banners to that massive interstate clown car train wreck at our Capitol on Wednesday, I am so glad to hear your empathetic führer “loves you” and “feels your pain.”

I feel your pain, too.

Now, Faux Viking Man and your merry mob rule crew, it’s time to take off your berserker horns, climb into your big boy jammies and walk out your collective pain. Then, in time, you too can legitimately vote the bum out of office, which — if you were paying any attention back in November — is exactly what the rest of us legally did. It’s called participatory democracy, Bubba, and — though painful at times for some — this participatory democracy of ours clobbers us all in the end.

Who among us, Republican or Democrat, hasn’t at times felt the pain of majority rule? Or, as the case may be, an insufferable oligarchy ineptly posing as majority rule. Because — and let’s be honest with ourselves now —who among us hasn’t suffered from the cumulative effects of Post Trumpatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) over these last four years?

So now, let’s all be good American neighbors and citizens again. Which means I will remove my old 1968 Pat Paulsen for President poster from my window if you, good neighbor, agree to remove your retro 2020 Trump election banner from your flagpole.

So, good neighbor, please take down your banner, in the name of everyone’s pain.

Bill Alewyn