Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Sheriff Lamb's citizens posse is a dangerous idea. His unfounded claims of widespread unrest and lawlessness that may need to be suppressed is merely a dog whistle to those who don't like mostly peaceful protests that question the status quo. This posse will be made up of volunteers eager to use tear gas, billy clubs, or worse, on those they deem dangerous (or just don't like).

These new militia members will be subject to a "minimal" background check, get four hours of training, then receive an ID card, which is really just a license to harass people in the county for whatever they deem "dangerous." Four hours of training is certainly not enough. Actual police officers receive much more training and yet there is incident after incident of inappropriate use of force.

All citizens should be wary of these fake police. This is the prelude to tyranny. Our freedom is at stake. Our American democracy is at stake.

Kathleen Senica

Casa Grande


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