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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I was living in Inglewood when a protest march on a Watts area police station turned into a riot. Local gangs and followers started fires and looting of local businesses. Police backed off and allowed the looting and burning to continue until the following day. By that time most of the black-owned businesses in Watts were destroyed.

I was living in Washington state when the Rodney King riots started in South Central LA. The truck driver who supposedly started the riot had done nothing wrong. He was beaten up by gang members who continued to start outbreaks all over the area. 

These are only two of many protest/riots poorly controlled over the years. They appeared in Seattle, Detroit, Chicago and many other cities. As seen all over the country today, a legitimate protest march is taken over by thugs, gangs and cowards who protect themselves by acting as part of the crowd.

People should demand police departments protect private property. Peaceful protests are fine. Riots require control. Political interference such as Pelosi and Biden attempting to make this political need to shut up. It's time they start being a part of the solution and not the cause.

Rioters and looters are cowards and I stand by Trump's attempts at pushing the various police and mayors to do their jobs.

James W. Harmon

Arizona City