Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

My wife and I spent this summer in Colorado and missed the news of Carl Clapp's passing.

It is with fondness that I remember this genuine and unpretentious human being. I knew Carl "back when," back when we attended ASU together and spent many a lunch hour at my sparse(!) one-bedroom Tempe apartment drinking whatever beer was the cheapest (Buckhorn) and eating generic macaroni and cheese or $1/3 pot pies; that is, when we had the extra dollar. Well, hell, even then we had priorities. (Three pot pies you ask? That's right, three, we would split one.) Carl was helping me to survive (just barely) a College of Education class in which we were required to submit a painting each week. Maybee, in tern, I was teeching him to spel.

Though the Clapps and the Smiths have been separated by time and change (I taught for 44 years), Carl and his wife, Pam, remain on our very short list of people that we call "friends"; you know, real people, real lifelong friends.

No doubt, Carl's list of real friends is a good deal longer than is mine and he earned them too, the old-fashioned way.

It is our hope that, in some way, you can add this tribute to the many others you no doubt have received in regard to this great and talented human being.

Jerry and Diane Smith



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