Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

So according to all the media, Joe Biden has been elected to the presidency! I'll bet he actually thinks he's going to be in charge. All the fools who voted for him, who thought he was a "middle of the road" candidate, who would "reach across the aisle," forgot that he was elected by adopting the far left platform of Bernie Sanders and therein secured their votes. Now that he seemingly has won, it's time to pay those people for their support. That means the far left socialist platform of Sanders will be with us for at least two years. The damage to our economy as well as our standing in world politics will be staggering!

Biden, in a sort of childlike way, wants to revitalize the nuclear deal with Iran. That bunch has been hobbled by sanctions and such and now, what, he wants to give them another $150 billion to say we're sorry? He also, or his VP Harris, wants to start giving taxpayer money to the Palestinians again. Those people have been saying "no" for over 70 years and milking the world's powers for terrorism money. Again more taxpayer money thrown away.

Biden got elected by continually attacking President Trump as having failed to solve the COVID-19 crisis. Many locals here also viciously attacked the president with false allegations, yet what has Biden done except hide in his basement and just complain? Now he will inherit the vaccine that was made possible by President Trump! His "Operation Warp Speed" energized the pharmaceutical companies to go all out ASAP and they did.

This all assumes that he will even be around in six months. Sorry folks, but he has a big X on his back and his own party is gathering for the final move.

Brad Marsh

Casa Grande


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