Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I recently read that a number of Pinal County residents are asking the Pinal County Board of Supervisors to conduct an audit of Mark Lamb's Sheriff’s Office. I believe there are more than enough red flags to warrant a full-scale audit.

Our sheriff is launching a subscription-based TV network — “American Sheriff Network." Where will the money come from for funding? How will Sheriff Lamb find the time to balance running this network and leading the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office?

We’ve never gotten to the bottom of Lamb’s relationship to the suspicious shenanigans involving LD8 Rep. David Cook and his purported girlfriend lobbyist. How much money did Lamb take in while promoting his so-called border posse? What became of the funding for the “gun safety training” for his poll watcher militia during the 2020 election? Exactly how much has been taken in from the federal government and how are those dollars being spent?

The taxpayers of Pinal County deserve to know if we’re getting our money’s worth from each and every county-wide agency. Sheriff Lamb has been immune to accountability despite some very questionable enterprises.

I join the growing number of Pinal County voters who demand a full and transparent audit of the Sheriff’s Office. That audit must include a thorough examination of training methods, policing policy along with every single aspect of resource use and finances. Anything less would amount to complicit malfeasance.

Mallory Kvek

San Tan Valley