Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I write to you with a big concern about the prom at Vista Grande High School this year. I was under the impression that the prom was a formal dance for the students. The tickets are quite pricey, so it makes sense that the dance would be formal and special. I happened to be in Casa Grande at the time of the evening when couples were out to dinner and getting ready to attend the dance. Everyone I saw, guys were dressed in suits and ties and the girls in very nice dresses or gowns. I know they were prom couples as I heard them talking about the evening.

Now, my question/concern. Why would the chaperones and staff allow a 16-year-old junior student, male, attend a formal dance dressed in short shorts, a female crop top, heels and painted up with tons of makeup? Why was he not asked to leave the minute he came in the door? What a disgrace to the other ladies and gentlemen enjoying the dance. This is pure nonsense and done solely for attention. He wanted to be the center of attention of the entire evening. The very sad part of all of this is, all the other students are going to remember about this special night is him. There is a video of his nonsense circling the social media pages titled “Prom or Prostitution, You Decide.” What a fine name this gives Vista Grande High School.

I am hoping before another prom there are some strict rules enforced and a dress code that everyone is made to follow. His actions were not fair to everyone else attending and he should get some sort of consequences for his actions. Come on Vista, open your eyes!

Joyce Bridgewater


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