Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

It just makes me sick to see the PhoenixMart building just sit there and waste away as an eyesore. Plus all the money that has been lost.

I keep thinking instead of building so many new buildings and places around and spending more money on top of everything else. Why don’t they reconsider their options?

They want to build a water park area near here, why not make the PhoenixMart into a central FunO’Rama Center?

It is fortunate it is pretty close to being in the center of Phoenix and Tucson. They may have to some redesigning, but it could hold the water park, theaters, possibly basketball games, soccer, indoor parks, tennis, pickleball. Disney-style theme park. Entering into the business side of equipment shows, conventions, etc. Being centrally located and climate controlled, and all under one roof. With all the hot weather, wouldn’t you rather go to a place like this? Lots of parking and they could put in a small train to transport people all around the building under a covered outdoor tent. It would be one of a kind! Build motels, restaurants inside or nearby. The possibilities are endless.

Just thinking what would be great and also for some specialty shops.

Just imagining how well this would work, they could get people from all over the world and share expenses too?

Crazy idea, but maybe not?

Carol Kauer

Casa Grande


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