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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Dear Sheriff Lamb:

As an elected official whose mission it is to promote public safety, you, sir, have fallen short. While your blatant disregard toward enforcing Gov. Ducey’s stay-at-home order increased the risk to those you were elected to protect and serve, your latest choices call into question your judgment as a publicly elected official. During a time when Arizona’s COVID-19 cases continued to rise exponentially, you chose to hold a public meet and greet in San Tan Valley that promoted zero public safety measures. Your campaign organized an event utterly void of any recommended precautions such as social distancing, hand washing or the wearing of masks. Your decision to hold this campaign event during a pandemic for an election in which you are running unopposed blatantly demonstrates that ego overshadowed your duty to protect.

While your negligence has undoubtedly increased your constituents' exposure to a deadly virus, I am also concerned by your public statement. You wrote, “Unfortunately, as a law enforcement official and elected leader, we do not have the luxury of staying home. This line of work is inherently dangerous, and that is a risk we take when we sign up for the job.” Sir, you chose to hold the meet and greet. You chose to invite the public. You chose not to enforce, or even encourage recommended precautions. You were the risk. It was negligent and reckless. You went on to claim to have been infected at your own campaign event, when in truth, there is no way for you to know that with any certainty. It is equally as likely that you, being asymptomatic, were already infected as you shook hands, hugged and took pictures with those you were meant to protect.

The community that elected you deserves better.

Natali Fierros Bock

Co-Executive Director

Rural Arizona Engagement