Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Karl Rove in his WSJ opinion explains why we went into Afghanistan and the disaster when we left. He states that "Mr. Biden was applauded by neo-isolationists on the left and right for stopping a 'forever war'"! However, for all practical purposes we had stopped our "forever war" by removing all but a small number of troops who were strictly in a support role and hadn't had a casualty in over 18 months. Strategically, we were ensconced in a country that was between two of our major adversaries, Iran most assuredly and Pakistan, which purports to be our friend but is a haven for many terrorist groups.

That "thorn" in their side kept them aware we were around and limited their ability to feel "safe." Now, because Joe Biden was insistent he was going to be a hero for completely removing any vestige of U.S. military power from Afghanistan, we have a solid block of at least three hostile countries that have been encouraged by our surrender and so we wait for another 9/11 and more of the same domestic terror we thought we had under control.

B. Brannigan

Casa Grande