Sheriff Lamb T-Shirts

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb holds up a T-shirt he is selling in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise money for his reelection campaign.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this worthy cause, our sheriff is selling T-shirts to benefit ... himself.

That’s right, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has announced he is running again in 2020. In a video posted on his Twitter page, the sheriff says he is selling T-shirts in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise money for his reelection campaign.

The T-shirts cost $25 a pop, but the sheriff says he only has women’s sizes.

Sorry guys.

The sheriff doesn’t say if any of the money he raises from selling the shirts is actually going to a breast cancer charity, or if it is all going to his reelection. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe if you are selling a product to benefit a charitable cause, then at least some of the proceeds should go to the charity.

For instance, Ralph Lauren will donate 100% of proceeds from its 2019 Pink Pony Collection light pink “Live Love” graphic T-shirts to the Pink Pony Fund of The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation as well as other international networks and cancer charities.

In fact, Lamb’s T-shirts don’t even mention breast cancer awareness. They say “Sheriff Lamb” on the front and have an American flag on the back, because as the sheriff says in the video, it is important to elect “patriotic candidates” like himself.

Sheriff Lamb has shown that when it comes to breast cancer awareness, some boobs don’t have anything to do with anatomy.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, established in 1985, is an annual international health campaign organized by breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

In 1993 Evelyn Lauder, of the Estée Lauder Companies, founded The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as its symbol. Since then the color pink has been used as a way to promote awareness of the disease during the month.

Like many people, I have friends, family and co-workers who have had to battle this unforgiving disease. Some have been victorious. Some continue to battle. And some have been taken from us far too early in life. Reporter Lynn DeBruin, whom I worked with at the Casa Grande Dispatch in the 1980s and later in Utah, died from breast cancer at the age of 51.

It is a disease that touches many people personally. Breast Cancer Awareness is not a cause that should be usurped by politicians as a campaign fundraising gimmick.

For those who want to donate to Sheriff Lamb’s campaign, they can do so. They can even buy one of the other shirts he is selling on his merchandising website. I’m sure the “Gods, Guns and Freedom” T-shirt is a big seller.

But if you want to donate to the fight against breast cancer, you can go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website at

Your donation will help support women in need, not politicians who need your support.


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