Have you been to downtown Portland, Oregon, recently? If not, you may not want to go there anytime soon.

My friend Dave Duquette was there last Tuesday. He went there because Tucker Carlson, from Fox News, asked him to be on his nightly television show. And why is that? It’s because Dave, who created an organization called Western Justice, is the point man in the battle between agriculture and the world.

So Dave drove from his ranch home in Hermiston, Oregon, to a studio in downtown Portland, 210 miles away, and when he got there he thought he had entered a war zone.

Of course, Mr. Duquette, a former horse trainer (and always) United States Marine, knows a little about war zones, having served abroad and traveled all over America. And if he says a place looks like a war zone, it definitely looks like a war zone.

“There was graffiti everywhere, windows were all boarded up on beautiful buildings, there was trash everywhere, and an overabundance of tents with homeless people camping out,” he said.

In other words, those elected by the people to manage and protect that city have done little to do so. Instead, the mayor of Portland and the governor of that state have ignored the problem and have risen to a dictatorial status.

Yesterday, a Pendleton, Oregon, friend of mine sent me a link to a recent newspaper article that outlined how Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, has agreed to lift most (not all) of the many restrictions she has imposed on that state once 70% of the population has been vaccinated.

So basically, for those not wanting to be vaccinated, she’s holding a gun to their head.

In addition, I have many friends who are part of producing professional rodeos in Oregon and Gov. Brown has done her best to shut those rodeos down by threatening to take away their liquor licenses, forever.

What is the end result? It appears to be an attempt to erase the rich western history and heritage that exists in that part of our great nation. But I can tell you, it’s much more threatening than that.

I, of course, produce weekly television shows for RFD-TV and the The Cowboy Channel. They consist of interviews of rodeo stars, legends, ranchers and others involved in anything western.

Our motto is, “Gathering rich western history for generations to share.” And yes, in the beginning, five years ago, our goal was to preserve western history. But over time, our two TV series, because of what our interviewees have had to say, have evolved into tools for preserving traditional American values.

Those values include a reliance on honesty, a handshake is as good as a contract, be sure to treat ladies like ladies, pray to God and serve and respect your country and the Constitution.

Now, after five years, we realize that we are literally in the midst of a world war. And in so many ways that war is being raged between agriculture and the world. And if agriculture loses we are all in big trouble.

And as Mr. Duquette says, what most people don’t realize is that, based upon current food delivery systems, if something even small happens, the cities of our nation will be three days away from experiencing food shortages.

And guess what? Current leadership is going to do nothing about it.


Kevin Holten is a columnist and executive producer of “Special Cowboy Moments” on RFD-TV.