Guess what? There are some tough times ahead. And things are going to get a little crazier.

The world is off center and you can blame it on a contagious virus. Or you can blame it on a world that, because it’s off center, just doesn’t know how to deal with most things, like a contagious virus.

If you’re a liberal you think that Trump has messed up the world. And if you’re a conservative you think that he has simply exposed all that is messed up in the world.

If you’re a liberal you may have voted for Biden, just because you want to get rid of Trump. If you’re a conservative it looks like Trump is fighting against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), rich globalists and the greed that enables them.

If you’re a liberal you might not care if the election is less than honest, because you hate Trump that much. If you’re a conservative you think it’s the end of honest elections and the republic.

If you’re a liberal you think that we’re finally getting back on track after four years of upheaval. And if you’re a conservative you see nothing but corruption and you think America is the next Venezuela or Hong Kong.

You might also think we’re heading toward the one world government described in the book of Revelation; the one that leads to chaos, persecution and Armageddon.

Of course, there’s so much in life we don’t know and that makes for endless debate. For example, we don’t know if global warming is caused by manmade gases or simple generational climate variations. We don’t know if we want to risk taking a coronavirus vaccination because we’ve already beat the disease or because most people survive it anyway.

Nor do we know if we should take vitamins to boost our immune systems or pop pills to stay healthy. And, bottom line, we don’t know who we can trust, especially when it comes to the major media.

In some places jails and prisons are releasing inmates into society like water from a broken main. People are racing out of mismanaged urban sprawl. Boys and girls will soon be using the same restrooms. Eight-year-olds are going to decide if they want a sex change. Anyone from anywhere will be able to enter the country at most any time. Millions are going broke. Seniors are dying of isolation. And big business remains open but churches and small businesses can’t be.

Governors and mayors are acting like dictators. Sports are marketing vehicles for social change. Athletes are still getting richer. Hollywood is out to lunch. And the CCP and globalists with deep pockets are playing a game of monopoly with our lives.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was granted a patent on SARS-CoV way back in 2007. The CDC says it was to pre-empt commercial applicants from obtaining patent rights that might hinder further research and development. What? You want to further develop a virus?

And thus, 2021 looks to be another black hole.

Meanwhile, frustrated Christians pass the buck by saying it’s all in God’s hands. And that’s true except, if you’re a Christian, you are God’s hands.


Kevin Holten is a columnist and executive producer of “Special Cowboy Moments” on RFD-TV.