Pat Lairson


You would think as the holidays approach that the housing market would slow down. And it does! The slow-down, though, is very insignificant. It is still too early to give you this year’s complete real estate market outcomes, but let’s look at the number for 2018 for the months of November and December.

In 2018, there were 147 single family homes in an HOA subdivision that closed in the month of November and 137 single family homes that closed in the month of December. So far, in comparison, in 2019 we had 165 closed escrows for a single family home in an HOA subdivision in November. December numbers of course are not in yet.

It is true some people just don’t want to move in December or be bothered with people coming to see their home during the holidays. Other people want to make sure they get the full tax benefit of closing a home in 2019. So the expectation for this month in the Maricopa real estate market is that there will be a slight decrease in sales but very insignificant. In January you will find out how the Maricopa Real Estate market did overall for 2019.

If you do decide to list your home in December, make sure your photos don’t include Christmas or any kind of holiday decor. This dates your photos and can give the impression your home has been on the market longer and thereby less attractive to the current buyer if it is still active in January.

There are currently 274 single family dwellings listed for sale in an HOA subdivision in Maricopa. Of these, 76 homes are new-builds that are either complete or nearly completed and on the MLS.

December is when residents get notified of any HOA increases or decreases. The margin is widening now as some HOA’s no longer charge residents for basic cable through their HOA assessment. The two lowest assessed HOA subdivisions are:

  1. Rancho El Dorado- $42.63 monthly
  2. Homestead North-$48.50 monthly

Next year is expected to look a lot like this year with a slight slowing in equity gain. Interest rates are expected to remain stable. If you are thinking about selling or buying a home in Maricopa, please use a local agent. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!


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