Steve Chestnut


MARICOPA — Maricopa Unified School District Superintended Steve Chestnut will not be leaving the district for another position in the Valley.

In late April, Chestnut was named as one of two finalists for a opening in the Deer Valley Unified School District. DVUSD’s former superintendent, James Veitenheimer, announced his retirement in January.

That began a mad scramble for MUSD to iron out the details of the Superintendent’s contract. Renewed in June of 2016, the contract is set to last through June 2018.

At last night’s DVUSD school board meeting, however, the northwest Valley district revealed that the new superintendent will be Curtis Finch of Mecosta Osceola ISD in Big Rapids, Michigan.

“It was a good professional opportunity,” Chestnut told PinalCentral. He said that he initially applied for the position because it was more in line with his personal goal of being the superintendent at a bigger district.

Deer Valley is comprised of 38 schools and is home to nearly 34,000 students. Comparatively, MUSD operates nine schools total.

However, Dr. Chestnut said that he currently has no plans to apply for other positions in other districts. He says that he’s happy in Maricopa and equally happy to be apart of the school district.

Whether or not he intends to apply for positions after his contract with MUSD ends is “hard to say,” he said.

For now, he’s more than content working towards the goals MUSD has set for itself, including becoming an A rated district.