MARICOPA — Kody Wayne wanted to represent Maricopa right, and he did so with a big victory at RUF MMA 32 at Copper Sky Amphitheater on Saturday.

Wayne, a Maricopa resident until a week ago when he moved to Casa Grande, scored some redemption Saturday by dismantling Robert “Wise Eagle” Edmiston in the first round in a heavyweight fight.

The last time RUF MMA came to Maricopa in January, Wayne suffered a second-round TKO loss. On Saturday, he was ready to write a new chapter.

Wayne was victorious by first round TKO with a ground-and-pound attack, raining blows down on Wise Eagle.

“I just felt spectacular … this is the calmest I’ve ever been leading up to a fight,” he said. “I was supposed to fight [Edmiston] back in October for a Muay Thai fight, his specialty … he decided to come into my [specialty], so I had to show him how it’s done. He’s a hell of a man, and I respect the hell out of him, but this is my sport.”

Wayne, whose nickname is “The Prophecy,” is most at home when standing and striking. However, when Edmiston tried to take the fight to the ground, that’s when Wayne capitalized.

Wayne immediately seized position and mounted Edmiston. He began to land some big punches, including some double hammer fists, which he credited to Joseph Rivas, who also trains at Cobra Fight Club gym in Casa Grande.

“I knew he was coming for the takedown, so the first thing was I wanted to [get] him to his back and just pound, pound, pound," Wayne said.

Former Maricopa High School football star Kentrell Coleman had his MMA debut, and while he looked plenty comfortable in the cage, he was caught with a triangle choke by Princeton Jackson at 2:16 into the first round. Coleman tapped out, giving Jackson a submission win.

Coleman was disappointed with the loss but also excited to start his MMA career.

“I felt really, really confident going in. I still feel good now,” he said after the fight. “It happens. You get caught in things. He was a hell of an opponent … we expected everything, he just executed his game plan better, that’s all.”

Coleman was not discouraged after the loss and said he’s looking forward to fighting in several disciplines in the future.

“We’re just going to keep pushing,” he said. “I know I’ve got the skills to beat a lot of guys in the state and in the nation … I want to compete in boxing, MMA and kickboxing. Next, we’re probably gonna be looking at doing something (in) kickboxing.”

In a battle for the RUF MMA heavyweight title, Dale Sopi of Maricopa took on champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez. The fight went the distance — five rounds — but Sopi was defeated by unanimous decision. Lopez won by scores of 48-44, 49-45 and 48-47 on the judges’ cards.