Maricopa High School

MARICOPA — A reported threat at Maricopa High School brought an alarming concern to parents, students and the community.

On Saturday, MHS Principal Brian Winter sent a message to parents and guardians of the school’s students regarding a threat that reportedly was made off campus on Friday night.

Winter said the school would be in session for a regular school day on Monday with additional security.

According to Ricardo Alvarado, public information officer for the Maricopa Police Department, there was an unsubstantiated rumor about someone bringing a weapon to school on Monday.

“However, after speaking with those involved, none of them could say positively they heard the threat or even if it was a statement that was actually said,” Alvarado said. “We take all reports seriously and investigated this report to determine its validity.”

MPD and Maricopa Unified School District officials are working together to investigate the incident.

“Students who interfere or disrupt an educational institution may be prosecuted,” the letter said.

More officers were present on campus on Monday to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Second letter was sent out on Monday afternoon, on the updates of the incident. 

"The threat has been contained and was deemed not to be credible," the second letter said. 

MPD has concluded their investigation.