Sonoran Creek shopping center

Initial design plans have been released for a new shopping center that would be located on the southwest corner of John Wayne Parkway and West Edison Road in Maricopa.

MARICOPA — A new shopping center is well under way toward bringing a grocery store and other stores and businesses to the Sonoran Creek area.

The location is set for the southwest corner of John Wayne Parkway and West Edison Road. A preview of the development plan request from Thompson Thrift was presented during the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Monday night. The retail and shops are set to be on 30,000 square feet with approximately 8 acres of space.

No action was scheduled. According to the presentation, the construction will be completed in two phases, with all common parking and landscaping being installed during the first phase of the development.

The project is currently under review by the city staff.

Last Thursday, the preview of the development was presented to the Heritage Committee regarding the proposed elevations and landscaping plans. The plan was approved by the committee.

However, the main concern for the planning commission members was potential traffic congestion in the area.

“Even in the past with the development in the area, one issue that always comes up is traffic,” said commission member James Irving. “I guess what I am recommending is that it has been a cause of concern from the neighborhood in the past. And just to really put emphasis on the issue.”

Other members echoed the issue, bringing up potential problems with the traffic flow, especially with the new rail overpass near the retail center. The commission wished to have a traffic flow presentation alongside ideas of another traffic signal in the area.

The names of the retail shops and the grocery store have not been disclosed.