FLORENCE -- The trial for a woman accused of murdering a 3-year-old girl near Maricopa will likely not start until next year.

Shawn Main was scheduled to appear before a jury this July for the first-degree murder of Tiana Capps, who died of blunt force trauma in November 2015.

But the defendant's serious medical problems prompted her attorneys to seek a continuance for her trial. Judge Kevin White has set a tentative new trial date for Jan. 23, 2019.

That date is still subject to change because of other capital murder trials scheduled at Pinal County Superior Court around the same time.

At the time of her death, Tiana was observed to be malnourished and suffering from diaper rash. Main, who was caring for Tiana, claims the injuries on her head were the result of the girl falling down repeatedly.

Last month, prosecutors presented evidence to the court to try and show Main admitted to Tiana's death. A suicide note allegedly written by Main articulates her guilt for the girl's death, but does not confess to physically hitting Tiana.

Before Main was arrested, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists.

Her attorneys recently filed a motion to preclude prosecutors from admitting the suicide note at trial, arguing it was "highly ambiguous" and "overwhelmingly prejudicial."

"Psychologists rarely find that an attempted suicide was motivated by a sense of conscious guilt in connection with a crime," defense counsel argued.

The defendant remains in the custody of the Pinal County jail.

Tiana's biological mother, Tina Morse, pleaded guilty to child abuse in 2016 and was sentenced to two years in prison.