MARICOPA — A GoFundMe page with possible connections to a 35-year-old Maricopa woman accused of child abuse has been deactivated among claims of fraud.

Hours after PinalCentral posted an article on Thursday detailing the indictment of Erin Darr, a GoFundMe page collecting donations for a subject named Chad Darr was deactivated.

The page was made about a week after Erin Darr was arrested by the Maricopa Police Department on multiple counts of child abuse. According to public records, a girl accused Darr of forcing her to eat vomit and multiple instances of physical abuse.

A picture on the GoFundMe page depicts a woman resembling Erin Darr. PinalCentral could not verify Erin Darr was associated with those who made or are the subject of the GoFundMe page.

More than $7,000 in donations had been given to the page before it was deactivated.

PinalCentral located another GoFundMe page made by Erin Darr a couple years ago, which has since been deactivated. A picture on that page depicts six children — Chad Darr's page mentions he reportedly has six children.

The page's creator, which GoFundMe listed as being from St. George, Utah, was raising funds because Chad Darr's wife was reportedly in the hospital with serious medical issues. The page makes no mention of Erin Darr's name or criminal case. It also did not say Chad Darr was from Maricopa, only that he works in North Dakota.

A woman, who asked to have her name not printed for fear of retaliation, said she grew up with Erin Darr around Casa Grande and recalled a time when she dated someone named Chad Darr.

She briefly lived with Erin during this time, the woman said, when Erin was in a relationship with Chad Darr.

"I was pretty shocked," the woman said, when asked how she felt about the criminal charges against Darr.

Katherine Cichy, a spokeswoman for GoFundMe, told PinalCentral it has removed the page and the company was conducting an investigation.

Those who donated to the page can request a refund by contacting GoFundMe.

The Maricopa Police Department says it had been informed of the page, but the agency was currently not investigating it for fraud. Erin Darr was charged with 10 counts of child abuse.