FLORENCE — Each year, Pinal County holds a Veterans Day Tribute celebration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the Board of Supervisors held a prerecorded ceremony, which can be viewed virtually.

The county also released a statement honoring area veterans:

"Today on Veterans Day, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors officially celebrates Pinal County Employee Veterans, County Resident Veterans, County Veteran Organizations and the Nation’s Veterans — Thankful for the sacrifices our armed forces members and their families have made — and continue to make — to ensure our liberty, safety and democracy. America owes a great debt to these brave men and women who have given, without hesitation, to America."

Gov. Doug Ducey also released a statement in honor of Veterans Day:

“America has no shortage of heroes, people who put everything on the line for a greater cause. Of this, we have no greater example than our veterans.

“Their cause is liberty and the protection of the American way of life. And we owe our freedoms and security to them.

“In Arizona, we have more than 500,000 veterans. These men and women make our state stronger. And, in turn, we have pledged to be there for them when they return from the battlefield. Whether it’s health care, training or a job, Arizona will continue to lead the way in supporting our veterans.

“This Veterans Day, we thank all those who have served our country in uniform. And we renew our pledge to them — to ensure they have access to support and the American dream; and preserve the freedoms they so bravely fought for.

“Happy Veterans Day, and God bless our military service members and their families.”


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