MARICOPA — Marlene Pearce is rescinding her run for a Maricopa City Council seat in favor of a bid for county supervisor in District 4.

Pearce, a Maricopa local, is making her run after an eight-year career working for Pinal County including her most recent position of district administrator under current Supervisor Anthony Smith.

She is currently running against Dan Frank, a Maricopa Planning and Zoning Commission member, as well as Jeff McClure, a Saddlebrooke resident and president of the Oracle School District Governing Board.

Pearce has been Smith’s administrator since 2013. A finalist in a special 2012 City Council appointment, she has lived in Pinal County for 15 years. She believes her current position has helped her strengthen her ties to the community and county organizations.

“My experience has afforded me the ability to forge strong relationships with county, city and town staff and officials, and most importantly to understand the needs and recognize opportunities for the citizens in our communities,” Pearce said in a statement.

As district administrator, Pearce works closely with Smith, who has announced this will be his final term as supervisor. Smith has given her his endorsement.

“There is nobody better suited to be the next county supervisor than Marlene Pearce. Marlene is a natural problem solver with a vast knowledge of county government. Marlene Pearce gets my endorsement and I hope she will get yours,” Smith said.


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