MARICOPA — A man apparently ticked off about ongoing construction near his home in Hidden Valley shot a construction worker Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Reports of shots fired came in to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office just before 8 a.m. in the area of West Robin and South Oak roads outside of Maricopa. The reporting party claimed the alleged shooter, 66-year-old Ralph Rubin, became upset with the construction nearby and confronted the workers.

Officers arriving on-scene found a construction worker who had been shot in the arm. The man was alert and mobile and was taken to a hospital for treatment. He was later discharged.

Meanwhile, Rubin barricaded himself in his home. Deputies attempted to negotiate with him, but when that failed, they obtained a warrant and took him into custody around 5 p.m. that evening.

He was arrested and booked into the Pinal County jail for endangerment and aggravated assault.


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