Maricopa city seal

The City of Maricopa’s first official seal

MARICOPA — A new addition to the fitness options in Maricopa is coming to the city this fall.

The city announced the development of a new fitness court, an outdoor fitness project that will be at Pacana Park. The fitness court, which the city said is being built in honor of veterans and first responders, offers outdoor equipment, useful for circuit training as well as utilizing the open space of the outdoors.

The fitness court was developed by the organization National Fitness Campaign in hopes of bringing the community together through the outdoor gym.

“We’ve been dedicated to helping communities fund, build and activate the world’s best outdoor gym,” according to the NFC website. “We are committed to creating healthy communities across the country, and we envision a world that is digitally connected through a common goal — life-long wellness for adults of all ages.”

According to Matt Reiter, fitness coordinator for the city, the project has been in the works for a year and can be expected to open by the beginning of November.

The city was awarded $30,000 in grants as well as an additional $20,000 from sponsorships from local businesses.

“We reached out to NFC regarding the project,” Reiter said. “We want to bring everybody together, not just the veterans and the first responders, and we want to make the park more useful too.”

The fitness court will offer an app that gives a step-by-step guide to each piece of equipment that will be available.

“There are many different circuits, you follow along and you’ll be able to get a great workout from them,” Reiter said.

The city also plans to have community classes, classes offered to Copper Sky members and boot camp rent-out services.

Maricopa would be the first city in Arizona to have the fitness court.

“It will allow the community to have a safe place to work out. This is really for the city,” Reiter said. “We want this community to be 100% in support of fitness and nutrition to those who are trying to achieve a goal.”