MARICOPA — Another party at the site of Desert Sunrise High School gave the public more insight on the project underway and the chance to celebrate the progress.

In October, Maricopa Unified School District and its building partners, Chase Building Team and Orcutt|Winslow, hosted a gym preview party with food, drinks, a progress update and basketball.

On Jan. 6, they hosted a beam signing party for invited guests with a barbecue lunch sponsored by Wholesale Floors.

During the party, machines stirred in the background laying down the asphalt for the high school parking lot.

Tim Goyette, project manager of Chasse Building Team, said there’s lots going on and “so much action.” He said they’re 95% done with “all the stuff you don’t see.”

“The amount of work to get the utilities for the project was monumental,” he said.

Workers ran over a miles worth of sewer and water line to the site.

Everyone who came to the event was welcome to sign and/or leave a note on the plaque that will be in a discreet place of the building.

Some selected students from the district were the first to line up and sign the plaque.

Rhett Pedersen, Chasse Building Team project engineer, said site work is mostly completed though the interior will take more time. The interior is topped out, which will make the process go by quicker.

For Building C, workers have the walls framed up and the rough-in that supports the entire infrastructure of the building is complete. They still have a lot of dry wall, then paint, cabinetry and flooring to do.

“That’s when the final touches come in and it starts to look like a complete space,” Pedersen said.

For Building G, workers still need to do the wood flooring for the gym, put in the basketball hoops, telescopic seating and flooring in the kitchen area along with a lot of the kitchen equipment.

He said the plan is for the project to be completed by the beginning of July.

“We loved being able to come out in a newer community like this and build a brand new high school,” he said. “We are starting to get more and more people to come to the city of Maricopa and being able to have the opportunity to provide the infrastructure for kids to learn is amazing.”

Dr. Tracey Lopeman, MUSD superintendent, said it’s the physical manifestation of goal four, which is be the community pride of Maricopa.

She said they’re on time and on budget and it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.

“It’s really going to be a beautiful facility,” she said. “It was exciting to have everybody here endorse this progress, what it means for the city and what it means for our school district.”


Kimlye Stager covers Maricopa and the surrounding area for PinalCentral, including city, education, business, crime and more. She can be reached at

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