MARICOPA — A decade after his city was crippled by the Great Recession, Mayor Christian Price believes Maricopa is emerging as a “powerhouse” in economic development.

In a recent interview with PinalCentral, the mayor indicated the city of about 50,000 people has recovered from the housing crisis and is taking steps to diversify its economy in order to become “recession proof” during the next economic downturn.

“I foresee in the next decade that Maricopa’s gonna become quite the powerhouse when it comes to corporate investment,” the mayor said.

The city once described by the Wall Street Journal as a “lost paradise” of foreclosures appears to have bounced back with steady population growth and new home construction. And Price is confident there’s more positive things ahead for his young city.

In the six years since he became mayor, Price has comfortably become the city’s spokesman — the guy who can sell Maricopa’s story to the outside world. And that story includes changing Maricopa’s perception as being nothing more than a “bedroom community.”

“I don’t envision it that way at all,” Price said.

He defended plans to develop apartments and hotels in Maricopa, a city mainly known for its single-family housing tracts. Every city needs to have density, the mayor said, and adding more affordable housing is part of the city’s natural growth and expansion.

The full interview with Price can be heard on the PinalCentral podcast.

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