Copper Sky weight loss

Michele Hoctor shows off her weight loss progress at Copper Sky.

MARICOPA — A woman was happy to tell her weight loss story thanks to the help of Copper Sky trainers keeping her inspired and accountable on her journey.

Michele Hoctor has been a member at Copper Sky since the spring of 2015, after moving to Maricopa following her retirement at age 52.

She started Aqua Aerobics with trainers Henry Turner and Michelle Rose. She was drawn to join Copper Sky from what her neighbors told her.

Immediately, she knew it wasn’t a regular gym. It was more community based and family oriented.

Hoctor liked the access to library information, shuttle buses, MOORE Trip and learning about the city of Maricopa and its special events. This helped her make new friends along with the aqua class.

Making friends and enjoying the water and sunshine attracted Hoctor to the aqua classes. At first, she didn’t lose a lot of weight, so she tried Copper Sky’s Weight Watchers.

She said she lost 40 pounds with Weight Watchers. It’s an easy program to follow and a great way to lose weight. All she did was the aqua classes, nothing else.

When the pandemic hit, the Weight Watchers stopped, though they still tracked their food consumption. Since the city left the parks open, they took walks there to exercise and stay healthy.

Eventually, Copper Sky opened again and Hoctor decided to get serious about her weight loss. She joined up with Turner, a top instructor at Copper Sky, whom she met through Aqua Aerobics.

Turner has trained her for a year. She also purchased herself a MyZone HR Belt.

Hoctor dropped from a size 22 to a size 8 and from a XXL to a medium top. Since training with Turner, she’s lost another 60 pounds.

Some non-scale victories for her are walking much faster, tying shoes easily, walking up and down stairs with ease and flexibility. She’s also feels much better, has more energy and better immunity.

“Maintaining it daily is very hard and each person needs to figure out their weakness,” Hoctor said. “Be honest with yourself.”

She enjoys having a variety of classes and trainers and the helpful staff.

She encourages others to hire a trainer for a month just to try it out and see the difference. She said the inspiration and accountability is worth it. The trainer will show you how to get fit if you’re serious about it.

Hoctor said she’s “super close” to her goal and strives to hit her last few posts lost until she gets there.

“Take it one day and one meal at a time,” Hoctor said.


Kimlye Stager covers Maricopa and the surrounding area for PinalCentral, including city, education, business, crime and more. She can be reached at

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