MARICOPA — A Pinal County grand jury has indicted a 35-year-old Maricopa woman on 10 counts of child abuse after she allegedly forced a girl to eat her own vomit.

Erin Darr was arrested by the Maricopa Police Department last month after a girl accused the defendant of repeatedly hitting and scratching her.

According to a statement written by MPD, the girl’s classmates noticed bruises on her body in early December. The child was taken to the hospital and was observed to be underweight. Staff further noted dark circles under the girl’s eyes and scars on her scalp.

The girl alleged Darr would sometimes pull her by the hair and hit her over the head with a phone. According to the MPD statement, the girl claimed Darr once used super glue to close a wound on her head.

The girl disclosed other incidents of the defendant allegedly forcing her to eat rotten food. When the girl would regurgitate the food, she claimed Darr forced her to eat the vomit.

An older sibling told authorities the allegations against Darr were true. They claimed to have witnessed Darr force the child to eat vomit, according to a police report.

The teenager further alleged Darr tried to get them to lie about the abuse to investigators and coached them on what to say to detectives.

In an interview with MPD, Darr denied all the allegations and claimed to have never harmed the child.

Some of the offenses in Darr’s indictment are classified as “dangerous crimes against children,” a distinction that carries tougher penalties under the law. A defendant found guilty to one count of child abuse with this classification can be sentenced to up to 24 years in prison.

Darr is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court on Friday.