Maricopa City Hall

Maricopa City Hall will be the location for a speed networking event hosted by the city.

MARICOPA — It’s like speed dating, but for small business owners. And the event will be coming to the city in just a couple of weeks.

The city has partnered with the Power Networking Group — which is run by two Maricopa residents — to host the first ever Speed Networking event. PNG worked with Vice Mayor Peggy Chapados, Councilman Henry Wade and resident Gayle Randolph to make the event come to life.

“It’s geared toward anyone who has a small business in Maricopa,” Chapados said.

She said the two main goals of the event are to reach out to people who don’t know how to access resources for small businesses and to give an opportunity for those who want to promote their business to do so.

At the event, participants will be seated in two circles. One circle will remain stationary while the other will move a space every few minutes. During each encounter, the participants will be given the chance to give a two-minute “elevator pitch” about their business and exchange business cards with the person they are talking with.

“You never know where your next lead or next client is going to come from,” Chapados said. “They come looking to promote and network and they leave with a bunch of contacts and a bunch of new resources. And they leave with the feeling that the City of Maricopa is supportive of small businesses, and we are.”

In addition to the speed networking, Chapados and Wade will also talk to participants about the process of obtaining a business license in Maricopa.

“We’re not trying to be prohibitive or restrictive, but we do want people to have business licenses so we know about it and can share that information with other constituents,” she said.

She said sometimes having a business license is a way that others in the city find out that businesses even exist, which in turn, brings more clients to that business.

Speed Networking will be held at City Hall on Oct. 17. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the event begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. The attire is business casual, and participants are encouraged to bring lots of business cards.

The event is free. However, it is limited to 100 people. Chapados said there are already about 80 people registered. To register for the event, call PNG at 888-432-8187.

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