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From Maricopa Police Department reports:

On Feb. 16, an officer made a house call to a residence on Zion Road to follow up on a shoplifting call. There they found Austin Varnes who confirmed his identity. Police conducted a check on his name and found he had a warrant out of Ak Chin. He was arrested for the warrant and booked in the Pinal County Jail.

On Feb. 14, Maricopa PD were dispatched to Maricopa Municipal Court House to take Sherlean Enos into custody for a warrant. She was arrested, escorted outside the courthouse and transported to Pinal County Jail.

On Feb. 12, Maricopa police stopped Melissa Honeywell as she was walking her dog at the intersection of Cypress Lane and Greythorn Drive. She gave them her ID and was shown to have a warrant out of San Tan Justice Court. She was arrested.

On Feb. 10, Maricopa police conducted a traffic stop on a tan Toyota Camry for not having a visible license plate. The driver identified herself as Janelle Cruz, and stated she had a warrant. Police confirmed that and arrested her for the warrant.

On Feb. 10, Maricopa police received a call from a concerned citizen reporting a woman lying face down in a ditch on John Wayne Parkway and Farrell Road. When police arrived they found Jeannette Dubios who was identified through her ID. Police found she had a warrant out of Maricopa Superior Court and arrested her.

On Feb. 8, Maricopa police were called to a residence on Venture Road with reports of a physical altercation between Peter Hill and another man at the property. Upon arrival at the scene, police questioned them separately. Each described a physical altercation where Hill punched the man multiple times including a witness corroborating this version of the story. Peter was arrested for being the apparent aggressor, and was charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

On Feb. 7, Tonesha Walker was found to have an active warrant for her arrest, and was arrested and transported to Pinal County Jail by Maricopa police.

On Feb. 2, Maricopa police responded to a call regarding a male who would not leave the 76 gas station on John Wayne Parkway. The man was identified as Anthony Little and he had an active warrant for shoplifting in Pinal County. He was arrested and booked.

On Feb. 1, Maricopa police received multiple calls that a vehicle had driven off the roadway, across a green belt and was lodged in a ditch on West Smith Enke Road just after 8 a.m. Police arrived and found the driver, Aaron Littleman, highly intoxicated behind the wheel of the vehicle. Littleman had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath, and displayed obvious signs of intoxication. He refused to hand over identification or obey any of the officer’s commands. A breath sample and blood sample was obtained via search warrant. Littleman was arrested and booked for aggravated extreme DUI.


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