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On Sept. 13, Police were called to Portobello Road in reference to a man yelling for help. Upon arrival, officers found a man with bloody scratch marks on his check. He alleged his roommate, Rachel Fort, had come into his room and attacked him with a nightstand lamp “because he did not want to cuddle.” She allegedly struck him in the head and the bulb broke. She then used the broken glass to cut his chest. The man told police he feared for his life. A witness to the incident told police Fort allegedly then went into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife, stabbing a door with the knife. The witness was able to stop her from leaving the kitchen. Fort was arrested for aggravated assault and criminal damage.

On Sept. 10, Benjamin Cantu was arrested for three warrants during a traffic stop on Honeycutt Ave. Upon search of his person after his arrest, officers found him to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. He was arrested for the three warrants and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Sept. 9, Jesus Moreno was arrested for three outstanding warrants after he was observed riding his bicycle.

On Sept. 6, police were called to a residence on Bilbao Street in regards to a domestic dispute. When officers arrived, several people waved them down and gestured toward the residence. Fontae Canada emerged from the home visibly impaired and angry. Multiple witnesses told police Canada became aggressive during an argument with his girlfriend. During the argument, a child relative tried to intervene and was strangled by Canada. Canada was arrested for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

On Sept. 3, an officer contacted Isidro Gonzales while he was inside a bathroom at Walmart. He was wearing clothing which he had taken from inside the store without paying. He was found to be in possession of 22 unpaid items and was arrested for two counts of shoplifting.

On Sept. 3, a citizen reported seeing a man smoking in his vehicle. An officer responded and contacted David Gutierrez sitting at a stop sign on Robbins Drive and Danielle Avenue in his vehicle. The officer report stated they could smell burning chemicals and saw drug paraphernalia in the vehicle on approach. Gutierrez allegedly admitted to smoking percocet pills. He was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics, DUI drugs on suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Sept. 2, officers were dispatched for a welfare check on John Wayne Parkway. Derrick Morris was identified and found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested.

On Sept. 2, Adenia Trusler was arrested for an outstanding warrant during a traffic stop. While conducting inventory of the vehicle, the officer found a pipe. She was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Sept. 1, an emergency call came in. The caller borrowed a phone to call 911 and was pretending to call for a ride to leave the residence on Yucca Lane. The alleged victim said Adrian Duenas had slapped and choked them to the point of unconsciousness. They also told dispatch he was in possession of a handgun and was trying to leave the residence in a vehicle. Officers were able to stop him as he drove off, and conducted a high risk stop. Officers took the alleged victim’s and Duenas’ statements, and arrested Duenas for aggravated assault, assault and disorderly conduct.

On Aug. 30, police were called to a home on Santa Maria Street for a reported theft. The caller alleged Paul Stowell had entered the home while they were away and taken the homeowner’s vehicle and items belonging to the caller, as well as caused damage to the property. The homeowner had an active court order against Stowell which barred him from entering the property. A concerned neighbor later reported Stowell to be in possession of the same vehicle, and police came to the residence and arrested him. He was charged with Theft of means of transportation, criminal damage, aggravated harassment, interfering with judicial proceedings and theft.

On Aug. 29, an officer observed Francisco Chavez-Sanchez allegedly walking in the middle of the State Route 238 roadway. He was pushing his bicycle and had about five vehicles trailing him. The officer contacted Chavez-Sanchez, who told the officer he was going to Buckeye. He was arrested and charged with obstructing a public thoroughfare.


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