MARICOPA — On the morning of Sept. 30, Maricopa Police officers descended on a home on West Wild Horse Trail and arrested a man allegedly dealing marijuana in the neighborhood.

The officers had been surveilling the area for nearly a month after numerous complaints that the residence was a “drug house.” While monitoring the home in early September, the officers noted numerous individuals coming and going from the residence by vehicle and on foot.

Several traffic stops were conducted on those vehicles leaving the residence. During one of these traffic stops, the police report states marijuana was found inside a plastic baggie but does not indicate who possessed the marijuana or where it was discovered. The person arrested at that time indicated the dealer was Parish Davis.

In later surveillance, police also allegedly observed Davis, the resident of the home in question, walking to and from his house toward the intersection of Lousandra Drive and Arizona Avenue, where he was seen exchanging items with subjects.

On the night of Sept. 30, he was arrested at that intersection. Police then obtained a search warrant for his home, where officers discovered 1.34 pounds of marijuana, packaged for sale, and around $865 in cash.

Once at the police station, Davis allegedly told police he purchased 1 to 2 pounds of marijuana in Phoenix for about $1,700 and was selling the drug by the ounce.

He also allegedly admitted to illegally selling the product for about a year.

Officers in possession of Davis’ cellphone observed messages on the locked home screen including a payment from someone for $30, and then a refund request from the same individual complaining they had been arrested.

Davis was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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