FLORENCE — A Maricopa man pleaded guilty Monday to the first-degree murder of his wife.

Miguel Figueroa, 46, admitted in Pinal County Superior Court that he intentionally caused his wife’s death and attempted to assault his son.

He was arrested in December 2016 after his wife, Olivia, 43, was found dead with multiple stab wounds near Garvey and Roosevelt avenues.

Witnesses reported hearing a woman screaming inside a truck driving erratically in the Maricopa Meadows subdivision. That truck was found with traces of blood near Olivia’s body.

Authorities later found Figueroa covered in blood and holding a sword. Officers reported him instructing them to “kill me.”

He was scheduled to go to trial in July but took a plea deal that could sentence him to 25 years to life in prison.

The plea agreement additionally stipulated Figueroa will be given a six-year sentence for the attempted aggravated assault offense. He could receive more prison time because he was on probation for a prior drug offense at the time of Olivia’s murder.

Figueroa is scheduled to be sentenced next month but his counsel may ask for a continuance if the court grants funds for an expert to potentially provide mitigating evidence.