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MARICOPA — A Maricopa man is charged with aggravated assault and drive-by shooting after allegedly firing a gun during a road rage incident on State Route 347.

According to Pinal County Superior Court records, on Aug. 2 around 7:30 a.m., Matthew D. Hefley, 31, told an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper that he was driving south on State Route 347 when he passed a slower-moving vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle flashed an obscene gesture at Hefley. Hefley allegedly told his passenger that he would shoot the other driver. He then allegedly slowed his own vehicle down so that the other vehicle would pass him.

Hefley then allegedly yelled at the other driver, saying “Why you mad” and “Gurrl.” He pulled in behind the other vehicle and then accelerated rapidly and pulled alongside the other vehicle and started shouting “Why you mad?” at the driver again.

Hefley told the trooper that the other driver displayed a handgun. He then slowed down to put distance between himself and the other vehicle. Hefley told the trooper he was afraid for his life.

After the other vehicle pulled away, Hefley came alongside the other vehicle again and started shouting at the driver again. Hefley told the trooper that the other driver showed him the gun again and pointed it at him.

Hefley then allegedly pulled his own gun and fired six rounds into the rear passenger door of the other vehicle. He then cursed at the other driver. Hefley allegedly told the trooper that he was just trying to ask the other driver why he was mad.