Mark Lamb

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb was the guest speaker at the Arizona City Chamber luncheon on Oct. 21 at the Tumbleweed Inn.

FLORENCE — Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has launched a new nonprofit, Protect America Now, with six other sheriffs from around the country.

Lamb announced the organization on his Facebook page on Tuesday and nationally on the “Fox & Friends” show on Fox News Wednesday morning. Protect America Now is something that Lamb works on in his personal time and is not part of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, according to PCSO spokeswoman Lauren Reimer.

Lamb also has a personal nonprofit, the American Sheriff Foundation, which aims to help people in need.

Protect America Now did not respond to an email requesting more information about the organization.

According to its website, Protect America Now is focused on supporting law enforcement and educating Americans on how law enforcement is “standing for the Constitution and law and order.” It wants to create a “coalition of patriots” to petition their local government officials on topics such as supporting the Second Amendment and opposing the defunding of police, illegal immigration and increasing taxes. The organization also pledges to keep people up to date on what it terms efforts to make the country “less safe, less secure and less free.”

“Like many Americans, I was uncomfortable with the direction that this country was headed in,” Lamb told a “Fox & Friends” host Wednesday morning. “I had a lot of fellow sheriffs that felt the same way. We want to be able to stand up for the rule of law in this country. We want to be able to fight against bad policies and orders like we’re seeing with the immigration stuff.”

The six other sheriffs involved in the organization are: Greene County, Missouri, Sheriff Jim Arnott; Livingston County, Illinois, Sheriff Tony Childress; Bristol County, Massachusetts, Sheriff Tom Hodgson; Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff Wayne Ivey; Culpeper County, Virginia, Sheriff Scott Jenkins and Wicomico County, Maryland, Sheriff Mike Lewis.

“It’s our strength of the rule of law that we’ve had for so many years that has made America great and we’re watching that deteriorate right in front of our eyes by our own politicians,” Lamb told the host.

Issues like illegal immigration and human trafficking affect everyone and infringe on everyone’s rights, Lamb said.

The country saw real progress on these issues under the Trump administration, he said. But that progress is rapidly fading under the Biden administration.

People interested in checking out or donating to the organization can visit


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