FLORENCE — Pinal County’s primary property tax rate has been cut by four cents in each of the last three years and is down almost 25 cents in 10 years, but it is still high compared to other counties, the Board of Supervisors was told Friday morning.

The board approved property tax levies and rates for all Pinal County government entities Friday morning.

“Pinal County is in a good position. We’re healthy, we’re stable, and that is all due to good staff that we have here in Pinal County,” Board Vice Chairman Pete Rios, D-Dudleyville, commented. He continued that the board has been able to cut the tax rate while maintaining good services for its constituents.

Supervisor Steve Miller, R-Casa Grande, who attended by phone, gave special credit to County Manager Louis Andersen and past County Manager Greg Stanley for watching the tax dollars and keeping the county on track.

County Budget Director Angie Woods told the board that 10 years ago, Pinal County had the state’s second-highest primary property tax burden as a percentage of personal income at 1.16%. In the same year, the county also had the state’s lowest per capita income.

Today, Pinal has the state’s 10th-highest primary property tax burden as a percentage of personal income at 0.74%. “The burden we’re giving to our taxpayers is much less,” Woods told the board. She said this was achieved as county population increased 21% and aggregate income increased by 55% in the last decade.

The board has cut the primary property tax rate four cents in each of the last three years to arrive at the current $3.75 per $100 of net assessed value. The new rate is an almost 25-cent reduction in 10 years. But Pinal’s rate is still high compared to other Arizona counties — only Gila, Pima and Santa Cruz counties have higher rates.

This year’s adopted Pinal County primary tax levy of under $101 million equates to $222 per person, which puts Pinal in the middle of Arizona counties. Apache County has the lowest per-person levy at $41, while Gila County has the highest at $417.

The Pinal County portion of the total tax levy is 24 cents of an average local property taxpayer's tax dollar, down from 26 cents last year and 31 cents 10 years ago. But Pinal’s countywide average total tax rate, including all entities, is one of the state’s highest at $14.85. Only Pima County’s is higher at $15.15, according to figures Wood presented to the board Friday.


Mark Cowling is the county reporter for PinalCentral and covers the town of Florence, San Tan Valley and the surrounding area. He can be reached at mcowling@pinalcentral.com.