Arizona Mexico Commission 

MARICOPA — The city is moving forward in joining the Arizona-Mexico Trade Commission with the hopes of expanding economic development opportunities in Maricopa.

City Manager Rick Horst recommended the city join at the City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

Purchase of the membership is $1,500 for a year, with three members becoming part of the organization.

The AMTC’s chairmen are Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Claudia Pavlovich, the governor of Sonora, Mexico. Ducey’s economic development staff leads the functions of the organization with four events a year for various needs of the program.

Sonora is home to a Ford plant that produces parts for the Ford Escort. The parts then get shipped to the U.S. to build the vehicles. By joining the organization, the city hopes job opportunities may be on the horizon.

“Although they’re American vehicles, one can argue about that,” said Councilwoman Julia Gusse.

Horst mentioned the Lucid Motors plant scheduled to be built in Casa Grande and the potential opportunity of getting involved with facilitating some of the smaller needs of the company through joining the AMTC.

Economic development and furthering the networking of the city are key components of joining the organization. Yet it is too soon to define the full benefits of becoming a member, according to Horst.

“Until you participate and get active with it, it’s hard to understand,” he said.

Councilwoman Nancy Smith has shown interest in being one of the three city officials active in the organization.

Other council members also determined that joining would benefit the city.

“I think this is something good for us, for our neighbors, and I’d like to see it be done,” Vice Mayor Henry Wade said.

The three members to join will be determined in upcoming council meetings.

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