Maricopa House

In December, police searched this home on West Yucca Lane in Maricopa for a missing dog and found approximately 100 firearms with tens of thousands of rounds, along with multiple passports belonging to Sasha Verma, who was arrested.

MARICOPA — Sasha Verma, 50, of Maricopa was arrested Dec. 19 and charged with 11 counts of sexual exploitation of children after police received a report of a missing dog and a pool of blood.

When arrested, Verma had multiple passports and multiple citizenship documents from several countries in his possession, according to court records. Police also state he “has access to a large amount of money” and even had $70,000 cash on him when arrested at his house in Maricopa.

Maricopa Police stated Verma was a major flight risk and is being housed in the Pinal County Adult Detention Center pending the posting of a $400,000 secured bond.

His arrest was more than unusual.

On Dec. 19, the Maricopa Police Department responded to a call on West Yucca Lane when a 911 caller reported returning home and finding blood in the backyard and a dog missing.

“A large pool of a red substance consistent with blood was found on the side yard of the victim’s home,” a police probable cause statement reads. “Additional inspection of the area revealed what appeared to be blood splatter located on the stem wall of the residence, a plastic tote located west of the sidewalk and a hose also located west of the sidewalk.”

A MPD officer continued, “Based on the location of the pool in relation to the spatter, it appeared the missing dog had been struck by a high-speed projectile from the east.”

Police determined the projectile could have only come from one location based on the evidence. That location was Verma’s backyard.

Police obtained and served a search warrant on the residence.

“In the home approximately 100 firearms were located along with tens of thousands of rounds. Numerous passports were also located in the residence belonging to Sasha Verma as well as several documents sent to and received by Sasha from outside the United States,” the MPD probable cause statement reads.

During a search of the house, police found a folder marked “Sasha Verma Master of science (engineering), Dept. Of electrical and computer engineering, supervisor copy.”

Inside police found explicit photographs of underage children completely nude and posed in a sexually suggestive manner.

The search was halted by police until a new search warrant could be authored allowing investigators to also search for sexually explicit material.

During a second search police found eight photographs and 13 magazines depicting underage nude children. Some of the magazines dated back to 1975, according to court records.

Verma was quickly arrested on 16 counts of exploitation of a minor but only charged with 11 counts by the Pinal County Attorney’s Office on Christmas Eve.

Verma was scheduled to appear in Pinal County Superior Court for a preliminary hearing on Friday. In a jail booking form Verma lists that he was born in Canada but is now a US citizen.

Court records do not indicate the fate of the missing dog or even if it had been located.