CASA GRANDE — By taking the job fair experience and transforming it into a mobile application, Achieve Pinal hopes to make it easier for job seekers to find the perfect gig.

Achieve Pinal on Tuesday announced the launch of its new app, Virtual Career Expo.

“The pandemic has forced communities to adapt to alternate ways of learning, working and meeting. Virtual learning, telework and Zoom meetings have become the norm,” Bob Jackson, former Casa Grande mayor and Career Expo committee chairman, said. “Achieve Pinal’s career exploration efforts also adapted to successfully reach our Pinal County audience during the pandemic and into the future.”

When they access the app, people will find current information about careers in Pinal County and information from career professionals about how to prepare for specific careers.

Students who use the app will find information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application process and information about available scholarships.

The mobile app aims to “provide virtual experience dedicated to career exploration, educational planning and the development of business connections for high school students or adults seeking a new career in Pinal County,” a press release from Achieve Pinal said.

The app, which also includes a game in which users can earn rewards by engaging with the program, gives area business leaders the opportunity to share information about various jobs and the training, education, pay and benefits associated with various positions.

App participants will also learn about what steps to take to help fund their education or retraining, the press release said.

Several area employers are involved with the app, including Lucid Motors, Abbott Nutrition, Resolution Copper and Nikola Motor Company.

Abbott Nutrition and Resolution Copper sponsored development of the app.

“During this unprecedented and challenging time, we have had to find different ways of connecting with each other,” Angela Doerr or Abbott Nutrition said in the press release. “This application allows the ability to still provide students with the opportunity to learn about careers in Pinal County through virtual interactions with business leaders. A big thanks to the Pinal Alliance organization for leading this critical initiative.”

Among the careers that may be explored in the app are those in robotics, education, public safety, trades, medical, agriculture, engineering, cyber security, veterinary medicine, utilities, advanced manufacturing, finance and hospitality.

Careers and jobs will be updated to reflect the changing job market in Pinal County.

“New and exciting careers are coming to the region and employers are seeking qualified workers. In addition to new employers, longstanding Pinal County employers are experiencing ever-changing work environments and their careers will be highlighted in the app as well,” the press release said.

Achieve Pinal is a project of the Pinal Alliance for Economic Growth, a public-private effort, and aims to build a more competitive workforce through education.

The app, which is free, provides information to prepare young people for jobs of the future by educating them about the educational requirements of various professions.

Only 45% of adults in Arizona and 36% in Pinal County have an education beyond high school, the press release said.

“The students in Pinal County are the future of our community, and we want to do whatever we can to make sure they have access to an innovative experience that builds career exploration, connects students to employers and improves post-secondary attainment,” said Bryan Seppala of Resolution Copper’s Economic and Workforce Development.

The app is available in the Apple App Store and CrowdCompass Events under “Achieve Pinal’s Virtual Career Expo.” The app can also be accessed via any browser at:


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