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MARICOPA — An Uber driver told police she thought she was going to be robbed by her two passengers in Maricopa.

On Oct. 2, Tiffany L. Mosler and Christopher S. Norman were arrested on West Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway after allegedly trying to include the driver as another victim in an apparent credit card fraud scheme.

Mosler was arrested for fraudulent schemes and artifices and aggravated taking of identity of another person or entity. Norman was arrested for fraudulent schemes and artifices, aggravated taking of identity of another person or entity and possession of dangerous drugs.

The police arrived at Walmart responding to an Uber driver who thought she was going to get robbed. The Uber driver left the vehicle and walked to the nearby McDonald’s, leaving Mosler in the back seat on the driver’s side and Norman in the front passenger seat in the vehicle.

Police ordered them to put their hands up. At first, Norman did, but then he reached down behind his seat with his right hand. When the police told him to keep his hands visible, he did.

The Uber driver told the police they had a laminated piece of paper with many credit card numbers. The driver said each had tried to use the numbers on their phones to get $300 to pay her for a trip to Tucson. The driver also said Mosler and Norman asked for her bank account information, but she didn’t provide it.

The vehicle was searched and the police found the laminated piece of paper in the front seat where Christopher was reaching.

Mosler said she tried to obtain money from the credit card numbers on her Venmo app on her cellphone. She said she’d tried many of the card numbers but wasn’t successful at obtaining funds.

She said Norman originally had the paper and was unsure where he got it. Mosler said he told her “this was my thing” when he showed her the paper.

The police searched Mosler’s purse and found an Arizona driver’s license, a casino player card and a cash app based on debit cards in another person’s name.

Norman told the police he’d come into possession of the laminated paper on Oct. 2 but he didn’t remember who gave it to him. He said he’d tried to get money from many of the credit cards but wasn’t successful. Norman said Mosler assisted in trying out the numbers, which he read aloud to her.

He said half of the cards were expired and couldn’t be used. He also possessed papers with handwritten consumer products with prices listed on them. Norman said it was part of a return scheme to get cash from gift cards.

When the police searched him, they allegedly found methamphetamine in his shirt pocket.


Kimlye Stager covers Maricopa and the surrounding area for PinalCentral, including city, education, business, crime and more. She can be reached at

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