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This graph shows the commute time to work by Maricopa residents, with the number of commuters on the left and the time in minutes along the bottom.

MARICOPA — Many residents of Maricopa have experienced the burden of the everyday commute to the Valley.

But now a study proves just how bad drivers on State Route 347 between the city and Chandler really have it. It shows that Maricopa ranks in the top five for the state’s longest commutes.

Maricopa placed fifth in Arizona’s longest commutes, according to American Community Survey. The data was obtained by the U.S. Census Bureau and analyzed by

Maricopa’s average commute has been determined at 35.2 minutes. According to Taylor Adams, account executive of Prism PR, the average commute time for Arizona is 25.6 minutes.

According to the survey, Maricopa’s ranking decreased from last year, when it was in fourth place at 36.2 minutes.

American Community Survey is conducted annually by examining a sample of the population of the United States. The survey topics include income, commute time and education. The survey is divided through geographic regions such as states, metro areas and ZIP codes. The goal of the surveys is to provide context to the numbers by comparing areas.

Matthew Klob, chief technology officer of, has said that it is difficult to analyze a solution for long commuters since Maricopa is such a residential area with limited local businesses.

“While more travel infrastructure could ease commute times, the large distance to more populated areas likely prevents drastic decreases in commute times as the result of infrastructure improvements,” Klob said.

“Attracting more local businesses to boost local employment so residents do not have to commute as long of a distance could ease commutes.”

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