There is no question that a primary function of state government is the collection and spending of tax revenues. This function can result in meaningful responsibility or the wasteful spending of other peoples’ money. Residents of the City of Maricopa are located in Legislative District 11, and have the good fortune to be represented in the Arizona Senate by Vince Leach, who takes the responsibility for your taxes very seriously.

Senator Leach has performed in such an excellent way that he has been selected by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry as the Senator of the Year for 2021. Following that honor, Senator Leach was recognized as the Senator of the Year by the Greater Phoenix Chamber. When asked what aspect of his senate service would be of greatest interest to Maricopans, he stated that he is most proud of his work on the new state budget.

In addition to being the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Vince Leach is vice chair of both the Appropriation and Finance committees, plus is on the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Joint Committee on Capital Review. These committees helped create the budget which will provide an average tax cut of $340 per taxpayer in 2022. The funding of the reduction in taxes is covered using state surplus funds.

Other accomplishments include raising the bar on frivolous law suits against businesses for damages due to COVID, $35 million for highway 347 improvements, $50 million for I10 and reducing the multiplier on business taxes. Senator Leach was first elected to the State House in 2014 and won election to the Senate in 2018. Citizens of Maricopa originally from the Midwest will be pleased to note that he is an alumnus of UW-Stevens Point.

Senator Leach is looking forward to the 2022 Republican primary where he will seek to be nominated for re-election, and in the general election he hopes to find favor among voters of all stripes. He would love to hear from his constituents in Maricopa, so send your questions and concerns to him at


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