Despite energetic protestations, the prime objective of an American politician is to get re-elected. Currently, both parties are trying to solve the problem of winning the vote by taking steps that will surely lead to serious future problems. Republicans believe that they can win if laws can be passed to restrict the votes of citizens who are more likely to vote for Democrats. They express concerns over ensuring the legitimacy of the vote tally, but they provided no definitive examples of voter fraud.

Democrats express fear for democracy and call Republican legislators derisive names for seeking these restrictive voting rules. The efforts of both parties will prove to be counterproductive. The new voting rules can be used to motivate folks who rarely vote to stream to the polls and vote against Republican candidates. Democrats demeaning Republicans can cause marginal voters who might vote for Democrats to stay home due to disgust with the election environment.

What can the parties do to actually lead to victory at the polls? After the presidential election of 2008, the national Republican party sought to analyze how to win by conducting an audit (or autopsy) which suggested that the party make sincere efforts to court the growing Hispanic vote. It would seem that most Republicans failed to follow that advice. Instead of attempting to limit the votes of those who might vote for Democrats, Republicans should seek to convince minorities, young voters and suburbanites to vote for GOP candidates by presenting a platform that meets the needs of these groups. Remember that prior to the Southern strategy of 1964, African Americas were loyal Republicans and White ethnics were Democrats.

Challenging the new legislation in courts will take time and may not result in Democratic victories in 2022 or 2024. What should they do? There are many wealthy Democrats (think NYC and California) who normally would donate to pay for advertising campaigns for Democratic candidates. Instead they should pour their money into programs to overcome the restrictions of the new laws.

Spend money to rent vans and drive folks who need a proper voter ID to get that ID, arrange to transport likely Democratic voters to the polls, serve lunch and make it convenient to vote. Stacey Abrams showed that a concentrated effort to get out the vote works, those efforts resulted in Joe Biden winning Georgia.

Both parties should be positive and seek victory via motivation rather than restriction or name-calling. A note to political junkies: check out the interview at


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