Rob Boyd Injustice

Maricopa singer Rob Boyd’s latest song, “Injustice,” is out now.

MARICOPA — When inspiration hits a local activist and musician, he’s learned do just roll with it.

That was the circumstance surrounding Rob Boyd when he recorded his latest song. He was on his way to the studio to put together the titular track for his upcoming EP “2020” when a word kept popping into his head — injustice.

Boyd said he doesn’t know where it came from, whether he had read something in the news that stuck with him or whether it was a sign from God. But regardless of the thought’s origins, he said he immediately felt inspired to pursue it, and to have his songs start to stand for something bigger than himself.

“When God puts something in your mind, you make it happen,” Boyd said.

So when he got into the studio on Oct. 12, he scrapped everything he had originally planned to record and immediately went to work on the new song called “Injustice.” It was finished in just four hours.

“2020” was supposed to be similar to Boyd’s previous EP, “Back to the Money Bag,” which he released earlier this year, in that it is meant to get people dancing and give them a good time. Now, he thinks this new song will change all that.

The art work for “Injustice” shows this shift, with several Black Power symbols represented. Boyd said he had never tackled subjects like that, instead focusing on his personal journey. Now, he wants to go beyond that.

He put the song up on YouTube just days after recording, and he said the response from people in the community and justice circles was very positive.

“I think it was a great time to drop that song, because there is so much injustice around the world,” Boyd said, “whether it be black-on-black crime, whether it’s police brutality, whether it’s social injustice or prison injustice.”

Or, In a case that hits very close to home for Boyd, there’s injustice in losing someone and not knowing why. That happened to him when his brother Sidney was killed in Detroit in 2011, with no arrests ever being made.

He still intends to maintain that personal touch moving forward. In fact, the same day the new EP comes out he also intends to release a documentary on his journey from dealing drugs on the streets of Detroit to being a community activist in Maricopa, where he started The Streets Don’t Love You Back.

The film, “Trapped in the Hood,” will feature interviews with local officials such as Mayor Christian Price, Sheriff Mark Lamb and Supervisor Anthony Smith. Both the film and EP are expected to be released in August.

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