Sequoia Pathway expansion

An expansion to the Sequoia Pathway Academy campus in Maricopa includes new classrooms and offices.

MARICOPA — Fresh off the opening of another charter school campus in Maricopa, Sequoia Pathway Academy’s parent academy has announced a major expansion.

Edkey CEO Mark Plitzuweit announced Friday that the company will be constructing a 14,000-square-foot facility on the existing Pathway campus. The building will be located between the original facility and the high school, replacing most of the pre-manufactured structures that are currently in place.

When completed, the facility is expected to contain 12 classrooms, three offices, storage and classrooms. The plans also include 25 additional parking spaces and grass fields.

The project will be funded with bonds sold through the Pima County Industrial Development Authority, which Edkey expects to be closed in December. Plitzuweit said this represents a $3 million investment in the Sequoia Pathway campus.

The expansion comes amid rapid growth for charter schools in Maricopa. Heritage Academy opened the first phase of its permanent campus this week, and A+ Charter Schools plans to open its Maricopa campus for the 2020-21 school year.