The Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology campus is in Coolidge.

COOLIDGE — In anticipation of a spike in COVID-19 during the holiday season, Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology announced Wednesday that it will begin the new year doing remote-only programs.

The school plans to stay with remote learning through at least Jan. 15, after which the school board will re-evaluate the situation.

Superintendent Mike Glover said the school was “well equipped to handle” the switch — currently CAVIT is operating on a hybrid learning model — and that the announcement would give schools and stakeholders enough time to get the word out.

“Given that we did a very good job at the start of the school year, doing an online program, I think we can jump back into that online program full time,” Glover said. He anticipated that several other districts would be considering a similar move.

CAVIT’s current schedule, which began on Oct. 13, employs an A/B model that has students on campus every other day. Other health measures employed by the school include staggered arrival times for buses, temperature checks and wellness screenings. According to Glover, only a few teachers and students have had to quarantine, including one class of six students, but the instruction wasn’t interrupted due to additional campus staff taking over.

The school also had created its own app to remove the need for books or textbooks, with results that can be entered into Google Classroom.

“We have been very fortunate at this point that we’ve not had to resort to school closure,” Glover said. “I’m confident that we can finish up the semester and do a good job of continuing hybrid learning.”

As part of the end of year Governing Board meeting, Glover’s contract was renewed for the next three years. Glover joined the CAVIT staff back in 2001. Governing Board members praised Glover’s work and said his long tenure at the school spoke to his efforts there.

The new school year is set to begin on Jan. 4.


Aaron Dorman is a reporter covering Coolidge and the surrounding area. He can be reached at